An Inviting Facility with the Latest Communication Technologies

Mediations, arbitrations, case evaluations and private settlement conferences can be scheduled at our offices or at any other location in Tennessee, the Southeast or Northeast as agreed upon by the parties.The offices of Alternative Dispute Resolution Institute are ideally suited for dispute resolutions, with numerous conference rooms and smaller breakout rooms available for any number of parties and their lawyers. Refreshments and meals are always available, including assistance and attention from our professional and friendly staff.

With three convenient locations, our offices also offer the latest in visual and audio presentation technology, enabling parties or their attorneys to use video, DVD, PowerPoint or other communications technologies to present their case.

Alternative Dispute Resolution Institute, LLC, was founded in 2009. Alternative Dispute Resolution Institute, LLC provides mediation, conflict resolution, and arbitration services at reasonable rates.Highly Experienced Mediators and Arbitrators. Choosing a mediator or arbitrator can be a difficult process. Alternative Dispute Resolution Institute, you will find that our panel of neutrals includes arbitrators and mediators of varying backgrounds, and arbitration and mediation styles. One qualification shared by all our dispute resolvers is experience. Our neutrals have all been practicing attorneys, or experts in their field of expertise for many years