Construction Law

Construction Law covers a wide spectrum of laws including contracts, real property, torts, business organizations, employment and labor, government and tax. Considering the many participants in construction law including construction workers, construction companies, planners, developers, architects, engineers, municipal actors, and financial institutions, construction law breeds numerous types of claims such as client, contractor and subcontractor disputes, interdisciplinary disputes, loan defaults, delay claims, guarantees and sureties, bonds, liens and other security interests disputes, and code violations.

This myriad of interconnected areas of construction law often result in disputes that require quick, cost-effective resolutions for the sake of on-time project completion. Construction mediation is a fast-growing alternative to expensive and timely litigation. Mediation offers the parties the opportunity to write their own agreement in normally a day’s time, meet in an informal setting with or without attorneys, include multiple parties to discuss all factors and develop a mutual plan, preserve working relationship, and always move forward in arbitration or court if both parties cannot reach an agreement.

Our mediators have many years of experience in all facets of Construction law including representing all parties in the construction industry as well as participating in mediations with our clients. Since we have seen both sides of most arguments, we are able to lean own our past experience to shed new light and suggest other ideas to resolve the dispute. We have the knowledge and capability to understand complex construction issues and work with both sides to devise a workable agreement. Construction law mediation has constantly increased in usage over the past 20 years and is currently one of the most popular fields for mediation. Please don’t fret about your construction dispute any longer. Contact us to help “construct” an agreement to settle your dispute and “build” stronger relationship with your project participants.