Employment Law

Employment Law covers all facets of the employer-employee relationship and the related body of law that includes, but is not limited to, Management and Employee disputes, Employment Contracts, Restrictive Covenants, Severance Agreements, Discrimination, Harassment, Wrongful Termination, Wage and Hour Law, and Employee Compensation and Benefits. Employment disputes happen everyday in workplaces all over the country and cover a variety of legal issues. Often, the employer and the employee will need to settle a dispute as quickly and efficiently as possible while continuing their current working relationship. Employment law mediation is an ideal alternative to costly and extended litigation and in most cases, will allow the employer and employee the opportunity to settle their issues and continue a positive relationship moving forward.

Employment litigation has a negative, draining effect on the company, management, and the employee. Employment litigation has the potential to damage the employer’s reputation and monetary position, sidetrack management’s plans, increase intercompany animosity towards management, decrease the company morale and negatively tarnish the workplace environment. Employees will be living in a constant state of flux during the litigation and will become less productive and potentially harbor ill will towards management and the company.

Whether it is a employment contract dispute, a harassment or discrimination claim, a dispute over employee benefits, or a potential wrongful termination claim, our employment law practice provides mediation services to employers and employees to help settle their legal disputes in a confidential, cost-effective manner. Considering the high cost and time consumption of litigation and the relatively small damage rewards in employment law cases, most employment law cases are going to settle before trial but only after both clients have spent significant legal fees preparing for litigation. The parties are able to control the final outcome in mediation and not leave the future of their company or employment position to the whim of the court. Mediation also allows parties to tailor an agreement that perfectly defines their solution and plan for the future.

Additionally, mediation gives both parties the opportunity to tell their side of the story and hear the other’s side version. This process has a cleansing effect and will often allow the parties to find closure on an issue, move forward with a clean slate, with a signed agreement that spells out the future relationship.

Our mediators have many years of experience in all areas of employment law. No matter the employment law issue, whether big or small, mediation should be considered as a useful alternative to solve your issues expediently.