Healthcare encompasses the wide array of federal, state, and local laws, rules, and regulations affecting the healthcare industry. This body of law includes healthcare patient’s rights, legal issues affecting insurance providers and payors, and vendors to the healthcare industry, including without limitation the (1) relationships among providers, payors and vendors to the healthcare industry and its patients; and (2) delivery of healthcare services; all with an emphasis on operations, regulatory and transactional legal issues. Additionally, Health law includes medical malpractice cases, public health law issues and legislation, contract law, and administrative law. Due to the numerous aspects of the health law and its constantly changing rules and regulations, health law is becoming a very specialized field that is prone to many disputes, and therefore, in need of alternative dispute resolution services.

This myriad of interconnected groups in Health law often results in disputes that require quick, cost-effective resolutions. Due to the serious physical nature of health law disputes, healthcare law mediation is becoming a fast-growing alternative to expensive and timely litigation. Also, since health law is constantly changing due to federal and state governments’ strong interest in this area, clients are finding that most judges are not able to keep up with this unique set of laws. Most health law-related parties are experiencing better dispute resolution through mediators and arbitrators with specialized knowledge in their fields. Health law mediation allows the parties to quickly choose a third-party mediator that understands the complexity of their disputes, bring the parties together in an informal setting to negotiate a fair resolution, and allow both parties to preserve their working relationships and continue with their business as usual.

Many of our mediators have experience in all facets of Health law including representing hospitals, patients, insurance companies, non-profits, and healthcare product suppliers. Our mediators have also been participants in mediations with our clients. Since we have seen both sides of most arguments, we are able to speak with all parties to determine the crux of the issue and provide alternative options to settle disputes. Our experience and knowledge in the complex Health law field allows us to provide sound advice for both parties and help the parties create a workable agreement. Health law mediation is one of the hottest mediation fields in the nation and will only increase in usage in the upcoming years. Please consider ADRI when trying to solve a health law dispute. We have the alternative dispute resolution toolset to “cure” any health law issue.